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CV Eagles Track Club Invites You!

Thank you so much for reaching out and expressing your interest in helping your athletes achieve their greatness. From Inspiration to achievement, we strive to bring out the most outstanding versions in performance, presentation, and competitiveness in our athletes. Each and every day, from the moment they step on the field to inside the classrooms, and boardrooms around the world. We develop greatness, fellowship, teamwork and service from the ground up.

Young athletes are our future, so full of dreams and hope. We strive to develop positive action, activities and a winning culture to protect these amazing athletes as they grow and face the tremendous obstacles that life throws their way.

What if you had an opportunity to surround yourself with greatness, athletes and coaches that are the best in the world?

We provide such an opportunity to meet these individuals that we watch every year represent our beautiful country, along with countries all around the world on the biggest sports stages around. Imagine being able to train, eat and sleep in the same facilities that was once exclusively for these athletes. How would that inspire us and our athletes? How much harder would they push themselves and believe in the impossible?

That opportunity is here and now!! For the first time in history, we have been granted exclusive access to train weekly and compete on the same site that their role models have to prepare for the biggest competitions of their lives. Our track club CV Eagles have found a new home training facility at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center ( FKA The Olympic Training Center). With this you and your athletes will have access to phenomenal coaches and facilities. 


Contact Stevie Jamison, President and coach  C: 619-829-1032  E:

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